Cypress Cove Country Club Membership Information

Initiation Fees:


Family, House, Single, and Non-Resident Memberships

Initiation Fee:      $750 (1)

Stock Fee:            $100 (2)


Golf Only

Initiation Fee:      $250


Tennis Family

         Initiation Fee:     $75

Tennis Only

Initiation Fee:      $50


Junior Membership

Initiation Fee:      $25


Temporary Membership

Initiation Fee:      $50



Annual and Monthly Dues (effective 5/2017):

Full Family-                                                          $217 monthly / $2604 annually

          Golf, tennis, pool, dining

Single-                                                                   $163 monthly / $1956 annually

          Golf, tennis, pool, dining

House-                                                                  $137 monthly / $1644 annually

          Tennis, pool, dining

Non-Resident-                                                     $123 monthly / $1476 annually

          Golf, tennis, pool, dining

40 and under -                                                     $134 monthly / $1608 annually

          Golf, tennis, pool, dining (single or family)

Public Servant and Safety-                                 $79 monthly / $948 annually

          Golf, tennis, pool, dining (single or family)

Golf Only-                                                            $134 monthly / $1608 annually

          Golf (single)

Tennis Family-                                                     $55 monthly / $660 annually


Tennis Only-                                                        $27 monthly / $324 annually


Junior Membership-                                           $49 monthly / $588 annually

           Golf, tennis, pool

(1) The initiation fee for a Family, House, Single or Non-Resident can be paid in five installments with a $40 administration fee.


(2) Family, House, Single or Non-Resident plans require purchase

of one shar of stock of the Cypress Cove Country Club, Inc., 

pursuant to which a member becomes a shareholder of the corporation. The Club leases the facilities from the Corporation.

Monthly Dining Minimum and Member Discount:


A $25 per month dining room minimum applies to Family, House, Single and Public Servant and Safety Memberships.




Under 40 Membership

If you or your spouse are under the age of 40, you can join with

a $100 initiation fee and pay only $134 per month in dues.

This memberships includes all amenities and a $50 monthly credit in the dining room. 

Cypress Cove Country Club was founded in 1922 as a 5-hole golf course. Over the past 90+ years, Cypress Cove Country Club has evolved to include: a traditional, southern-style clubhouse/restaurant with pool, an 18 hole golf course and a six court tennis facility.  The restaurant, golf course, tennis courts and pool are for use by members and their guests. The Club is managed by a Board of Directors made up of the current membership. They manage all aspects of the Club operations on behalf of the members.



For more information about memberships or to arrange a tour of Cypress Cove Country Club, please contact

our Business Office at 757.562.6163. Come join us!

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