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Cypress Cove Country Club Membership Information

Annual and Monthly Dues (effective 6/2021):

Cypress Family-                                                  $245 monthly*

          Golf, tennis, pool, dining

Cypress Single-                                                   $185 monthly*

          Golf, tennis, pool, dining

Cove Family-                                                      $160 monthly*

          Golf, tennis, pool, dining

Club Family-                                                      $110 monthly*

         40 & under, Non-resident, Public Servant

         Golf, tennis, pool, dining

Tennis Family-                                                   $60 monthly** 


Tennis Single-                                                    $30 monthly**


Junior Single-                                                    $50 monthly

           Golf, tennis, pool, dining

* $30 a month Club-wide minimum

** $10 a month Club-wide minimum

Cypress Cove Country Club was founded in 1922 as a 5-hole golf course. Over the past 90+ years, Cypress Cove Country Club has evolved to include: a traditional, southern-style clubhouse/restaurant with pool, an 18 hole golf course and a six court tennis facility.  The restaurant, golf course, tennis courts and pool are for use by members and their guests. The Club is managed by a Board of Directors made up of the current membership. They manage all aspects of the Club operations on behalf of the members.



For more information about memberships or to arrange a tour of Cypress Cove Country Club, please contact

our Business Office at 757.562.6163. Come join us!

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